Client Work: Meeting People Where They’re At


Jacob Sokol reached out to me because he wanted to interview me for a (pretty massive) coaching offering that he’s putting on, in partnership with Entheos. You can learn more, by clicking here.

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In this video, he chats me up about my approach to life coaching and meeting people where they’re at. I don’t subscribe to three-step processes or use “life coaching techniques” with my clients, and I don’t walk into sessions with preconceived ideas about what the process is supposed to look like. The coaching industry can, at times, look really formulaic–as the industry struggles to establish standards and differentiate itself from psychotherapy, people debate about whether or not there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to coach (and sometimes, they get a little hostile–yikes!).

After watching, consider where it is that you subscribe to any rigidly held beliefs in your own practice. Where do you start thinking that you “have to” coach in a certain way, whether because of your training or because you’re afraid of offering something that doesn’t fit a technical definition of therapy?


kate swoboda

Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous) is a life coach who teaches people how to work with fear and practice courage. She’s the founder of and creator of the Coaching Blueprint digital program.

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